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Andreana Buterakos Mother -Fenton High School Brad Hawks photography has far surpassed all expectations. When seeing the photo of my daughter Andreana in ballet point shoes in the winter snow, I was filled with emotions so powerful and sudden, they took my breath away. This lovely young woman was just a second ago a new baby that was the light of her parent's life, its a wonder that Brad has managed to capture both the fragile outer beauty and the fierce inner beauty of a child at the brink of womanhood, and a lightening blot of pure spirituality to my heart that God in his amazing love had allowed me the gift of having this graceul and somehow ethereal being as a part of my life.

Kelsey Reynolds - Lake Fenton High SchoolI feel like a model. This picture is like a fairytale. I think my posture and overall appearance is really good. I remember walking through the knee deep pond to get to those rocks and how cold it was. I also remember how crazy yet brilliant Brad thought I was! (ha ha!) - I feel happy. Very, very happy.

Kayla - Swartz Creek High School I think this picture really shows my personality. The bright sunny day and the big cheesy smile is an example of my bubbly personality. I remember it was freezing that day but as soon as we started taking pictures the sun came out, it warmed up a bit and made for a picture perfect day! I feel the staff at Hicks Studio of Fenton really got a feel of what I was looking for and did an amazing job capturing my personal image!

Alicia Rammage - Hartland High School I think that I look awesome! I feel estatic that my pictures turned out so well and when I opened my proof book and saw this picture, I was shocked and excited at the same time! I remember Brad telling me to just act natural. So I started reading the book and then Brad told me to look up and I had the biggest smile on my face!

You're the best picture taker ever Brad! - Eliot BlondinIt's always a party at Hicks! - Gabrielle Blondin

Adam - Powers High School Thank you so much for all you have done for me! This has been the perfect senior photo experience and it's all thanks to you guys! You're such a great team and each one of you is so talented and professional in your own ways! The pictures my mom and I selected were worth every penny! All the photos are beautiful and it was so hard to choose the best. Thanks again for all the memories, you are all amazing and the service you provided will be forever appreciated!

Autumn - Grand Blanc High School I love this image because it really captures who I am. I remember Brad telling me to just be me and I really didn't know how to portray myself in a photograph, so I just threw up my hands and smiled. Looking at the photo it really shows my style and eccentricity. I feel happy with who I am when I look at this picture.

Dylan Runions - Holly High School You guys are awesome! When I look at this picture, I think about football season. I remember Brad saying he wanted to get some dirt and put it on my face to look like I just finished a hard game. At first I thought this was odd, but it turned out to be a really cool photo.

In July 2008 we had our first daughter and we have her picture taken every month. I was told that pictures once a month becomes demanding but we are six months through and I'm happy to say I don't mind taking our daughter to get her picture taken - Hicks makes the trip worthwhile. Hicks Studio of Fenton will always be my first choice, the sessions are fun and the pictures turn out wonderful! Thank You from Amanda, Mike, and Samantha Mogford

Adam Shaw Linden High School ... I remember the anxiety wearing off and starting to have fun - great pictures were a result from that. I think this picture is laid back and the color and shading set it apart from the rest. I feel that this is a confident picture and it portrays the lighter, more relaxed side of me.

We would like to say thank you to Brad Hawks and to his staff at Hicks Studio in Fenton for a wonderful past, present and future in making the experience of holding a memory last forever. Ann and Brian Kita with children Bryce, Zachary and Lauryn and dog, Amani

Paige - Grand Blanc High School I think my senior portraits really show off my sense of style! I feel happy with my life in high school and excited for the future. This picture represents the beginning of my adulthood and the end of high school.

Nick Oden - Swartz Creek High School Brad you did an awesome job. My mom was thrilled with the pictures! When I look at this picture, I remember thinking how great it feels to be graduating and to move forward with a fantastic adventure ahead of me. I'm looking forward to my future of going to college and thriving with a career i enjoy!

Brooke Chartrand - Grand Blanc High School I feel like Cinderella! This picture is pretty, different and Unique.

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